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The Hand One-Shot


Summary: With the return of Killian’s left hand returns the pirate side of him he had long since forgotten and he gives himself over to his baser more sexual instincts. 

AN: So this was onceuponataarna's head canon for the upcoming episode “The Apprentice” and I couldn't resist writing it. I know the summary sucks and so does the fic kind of because it was supposed to be longer (I really wanted to post it before the episode) but I fucking have work and I've been working all week so I didn't have time to give it all the attention it deserves but it's smut so what can possibly go wrong? (This fic is un-beta'd, sorry) 

Word Count: 1200

Rated M for reasons


Killian’s nerves grew as they walked the length of the hallway that led to his room at Granny’s, her dainty fingers interlocked with that of his right hand as his thumb lightly traces her knuckles, soothing over the growing nerves taking hold over her. His left hand tingled uncomfortably, a confused frown marring his face as he stretched his fingers to ease the unfamiliar feeling.

They stopped at the door to his room and Emma swirled around to face him, her back against the wall. “Killian?” She looked at him with a puzzled expression, her eyebrows knitting together as her free hand reached out toward his.

She barely touched it and his hand quickly jerked away from hers as he felt the feeling beginning to rush up his wrist, that bares the scar from its previously severed state.

“Are you alright?” She asked again with a bit more sincerity in her voice.

Killian pressed his mouth into an easy smile that radiated over his entire face, his cheeks burning to keep up the façade. “Of course love.” He answered confidently and without hesitation, his voice dropping into a dark and husky tone as his good hand lightly brushes over her jaw causing her breath to hitch in her throat. He propped himself up against the wall in front of her with his left arm, his lips pursed as he examined her carefully, his head tilting in concentration.

Emma stared at him blankly, her throat dry as she watched his pupils dilate leaving only a small ring of the enchanting blue color of his iris’s behind. 

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Mary being her usual touchy wife.


So this happened…



Me shouting at killian during the whole new episode….

Hook to Charming



My ship’s gonna sail into yo gurl 2nite

(the ship is my penis)



Lady and the Tramp?


You two couldn’t be any cuter if you tried. But I am always up for being proven wrong ;)

Fic: all that i am


Summary: Killian wonders if he’s truly worthy of Emma.  Emma will not tolerate such doubts.

A/N:What was intended to be a drabble became nearly a thousand words. Oh well. Angst with a happy ending because I can’t help exploring insecure Killian. Spoiler warning.

FF | AO3


Killian stands before Emma’s door for long moments after it closes.

He grins at the brief exchange with her parents but it’s a short lived amusement.

He stares at his restored hand, clenching and unclenching his fingers in agitation. Loses himself in the sense memory of being able to wrap both arms around Emma’s waist, of sliding both hands through her hair and not having to spare any thought of hurting her inadvertently.

For the first time in centuries he is whole…and he is afraid.

One slip…one brief moment of blind anger on their date and suddenly every bit of self-confidence crumbles. He could chalk it up to nerves, assure himself it’s a one time deal. But the crocodile’s words are already crawling beneath his skin, wriggling into every crack, feeding every doubt.

Killian has always doubted.

Even as Emma has smiled at him, freely admitted she trusts him, kissed him…even then Killian has doubted. That he’s changed, that he’s good enough, that even without his hand he can be enough—doubted that for her, for Emma, Killian Jones is a new man. But when she opened the door earlier that evening, as his heart stopped and he basked in her approving smile, he shoved away those doubts, resolved that he was more than what vengeance had made of him.

Killian stumbles upon the rogue from earlier breaking into the library and something snaps. It isn’t rational, isn’t justified, but it doesn’t matter as his knuckles split when they connect with a jaw. It’s pointless rage and when Killian comes back to himself, he is revolted and horrified and all of the joy of the night turns to lead in his stomach.

Gold was right.

Magic comes with a price, everyone in this accursed town is constantly repeating it, and in all his arrogant foolishness Killian thought that this could be an exception.

He’s an idiot and a fool.

Attacking Gold is the breaking point and Killian fights to keep the despair from spilling over. He makes a desperate deal with a despicable man, and drinks alone on the pier until oblivion takes him.

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Reactions to 4x04 The Apprentice


When Henry gave Emma the little push to as Killian out AND Henry and Regina scenes (even though there weren’t enough of them):


The Charmings acting adorable: 


Will/Knave clutching the Alice in Wonderland book and then saying it means nothing to him:


And then just all the shit that Hook and Rumple are in together:





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Hi, Hook.


Saw 4x04. I see your situation, and it sucks. I’d like to offer one little piece of advice that might help.

Just because she let you slide with the Ariel thing, it doesn’t mean you’re gonna get away with something bigger. 


My dash did a thing


My dash did a thing

Someone, who has faced their inner darkness, and turned away…the love […] is all I needed.